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Ice Cream Science ’23

This Event is part of Atlanta Science Festival – an annual two-week celebration of local science and technology. Join physicists Daniel Sussman and Michael Czajkowski for an exploration of the physics of disordered solids, and answers to the questions you…

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✨Science Tavern Trivia Night✨

In Person Join Science for Georgia for an evening of science trivia and flex your science knowledge! The winning team will receive a prize.Beat the Science for Georgia team and you also get a prize!Check out our Science Tavern talks…

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Ask a Scientist: What make grapes and apples better for the fermentation process to make alcohol over other types of fruit?

It all comes down to sugar and acid. Any fruit can become wine, but grape juice (and, almost as good, apple juice) have the ideal concentrations to become a happy alcohol accident.  Alcohol is the result of yeast fermenting sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide. Many factors go into this…

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Science for Georgia is a 501(c)(3). We work to build a bridge between scientists and the public and advocate for the responsible use of science in public policy.

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