Science for Georgia Services

Professional Development: SciComm Academy

Make Science Matter. Communicate Effectively.

A no-application-needed science communication training program that guides Science & Technology students and professionals in building bridges across disciplines and out into their great community. A key feature is creation of content that is directly applicable to your core audience.

Internship (Service Learning Credit)

In search of service-learning credits?

Science for Georgia has hosted students from universities throughout Georgia and even outside the state. Previous projects include creating learning materials, running educational campaigns, and giving testimony before the Georgia General Assembly.

Broader Impacts Outreach and Consulting

Science Matters Here.

Let us help you develop your NSF Broader Impacts statement and make it a reality.

Policy Consultation

Use Science Responsibly

Do you need a breakdown of science around a topic with respect to policy? We can help.

Data Analysis

Georgia Insights

We partner with universities and local communities to explore and analyze data for you.

Investor Pitch Consultation

Craft a pitch that hits the mark

Leverage our experience with startups and tech transfer to make the right impression with potential investors.