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In search of service learning credits? Want to be an intern?

Science for Georgia has hosted students from universities throughout the state and beyond. Previous projects have created learning materials, run educational campaigns, and given testimony before the Georgia General Assembly. Projects typically last a semester, and we can work with you to ensure the project meets your graduation needs.

To kick off their projects, students work with Sci4Ga staff to establish the project vision, goals, deliverables, and timeline to ensure project success. Projects will relate to Science for Georgia’s advocacy themes.

Specifically – we are focusing on Environmental Health and Justice. Historically marginalized communities are bearing the brunt of climate change. This is on-top of existing historical injustices. A report published by GreenLaw found that race has the strongest correlation to air, water, and land pollution in Georgia. At the same time, communities do not need yet another “well-intentioned” solution thrown at them; they need evidence-based solutions made in concert with them that reflect their needs and their reality.

To that end, Science for Georgia aims to take contextualized data analysis from our Georgia Insights program and lessons learned and cross-silo connections made from our Environmental Justice and Climate Protection (EJ&CP) Conference and translate those into community advocacy messages. By providing information about actions people can take in their everyday lives, and that promote long-term change, we can uplift all Georgians.

Ongoing activities that identify and promote sound science:

  • Science for Georgia and partners host and annual Environmental Justice & Climate Protection conference.
  • A data analytics project that includes an EJ Storytelling map – overlaying information about superfund site locations, environmental indicators, and socio-economic information.
  • The establishment of 2-3 university/college partnerships to activate and engage college age+ people in hands-on activities centered on what we learned from the EJ Conference and EJ Map.

To apply, please see the form below to send your resume, cover letter, and a writing sample that demonstrates your ability to communicate science policy and/or science concepts in laymen’s terms. Please indicate in your cover letter the semester(s) you’d like to work, the duration of your project, hours needed for credit, and any themes that are important to you. Applications not including a plain language writing sample or a link to a portfolio/GitHub repo will be automatically rejected.

Current Opportunities

Check out our current opportunities and then use the form to apply.

2024 Data and Advocacy Intern
Use data for good – create change and provide actionable context.

2024 Env Health and Justice Intern
Create change by communicating critical issues and helping to advocate for change with communities and college students.

2024 Growth Intern
Help Sci4Ga achieve organizational stability by improving our business plan and growing donor base via direct outreach and grant writing.

2024 Media and Event Intern
Be a part of Science for Georgia events from publicity, to production, to reporting.

2024 Legislative Aide Intern
Advance legislative and community outreach around specific topics of interest. Work with legislators and community members.

Science for Georgia is a 501(c)(3). We work to build a bridge between scientists and the public and advocate for the responsible use of science in public policy.

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