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Data Centers: Big Power / Small Jobs

Data centers are large, climate controlled, facilitiesfor managing, processing, and storing data. Data centers host servers, databases, cloud services, websites, applications, etc. They are used for everything from online shopping to off-site data backups to high performance computing. Data centers have established industry standards for design and construction.

Energy Intensity

Data Centers are energy intensive.

For reference the US Department of Energy estimates that about 1MW of power can serve 1000 households.

1 Plant Vogle Reactor (1.2 MW) can serve 1.2 million households OR about 6 Data Centers.

There is a bill in the GA House that would limit tax breaks for data centers. HB 1192.

Learn more about contacting your legislator here.

Is this like Crypto Mining?

Data Centers are not Crypto Mines – but they are close. Learn more about crypto mining here.

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