Now Recruiting Comedians for 2023

Jazz Hands: An interactive Science Comedy

Science can be seriously funny! We have the evidence to prove it**

**not really

Support your local scientist as they do something *way outside* the box!

Every year we train a cohort of scientists, technologists, engineers, mathematicians, physicians (anyone STEM-adjacent) in the art of stand-up comedy. The result? A live stand-up show where normal science & technology professionals tell jokes about their work and studies.

Laugh! Maybe learn something!


Get Trained at No Cost!

We are recruiting scientists to be part of our comedy cohort. No comedy experience necessary, just a willingness to talk about something sciencey that you enjoy.

Over 4 sessions we will provide you with communication training, comedy training, and tons of positive energy as you turn your passion into something funny.

In return - you get to perform at least one show during the year.

The events are live only – NO videos will be taken unless you ask, because we know you all have day jobs.

Training is typically every other Sunday afternoon in Feb & March in the Atlanta metro area.