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Answers to your scientific questions, written by the experts.

Dispelling Myths around Puberty Blockers

Gender Affirming Care for gender dysmorphia has recently been in the spotlight due to multiple proposed laws and multiple lawsuits....

Ice Cream Science

We all scream for ice cream! But have you ever really thought about what it is? A liquid? A solid?...

What are PFAS (forever chemicals)?

“Forever Chemicals” have been in the news a lot lately. Below is some information on what they are and why...

Grasslands: Deep Roots in conservation

Often overlooked, grasslands are a key component of the conservation puzzle. Atlanta’s urban tree canopy is almost 48% making it...

Is Climate Change Making Pollen Worse?

By Christine Doronio Itchy eyes, stuffy noses, and yellow-dusted streets. Pollen season is well under its way in Georgia. As...

Ask a Scientist

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