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Donor Benefits: 2024

Supporters of Science for Georgia gain access to exclusive events, free VIP tickets, and a chance to spend time with our Board of Directors.

Details below.

Jazz Hands | Science for Georgia

Become a supporter – we know you'll be in your element!

Supporting Science for Georgia means you’ve joined our “nuclear family” – because our support levels are based on the isotopes of Hydrogen!

Elements are defined by the number of protons they have, but an element can have different numbers of neutrons – these are called isotopes. Isotopes with different numbers of neutrons have different properties. Typically, hydrogen has only one proton and no neutrons. When you start adding neutrons, they get heavier and rarer.

Protium Level | Science for Georgia

Protium Donors

Invitations to donor-only events

Support Level
A donation of any amount!

Protium Level | Science for Georgia

Deuterium Donors


  • All Protium benefits
  • Secret code for one free VIP ticket per public event

A recurring donation of at least $10/month or $150 annually

Tritium Level | Science for Georgia

Tritium Donors


  • All Deuterium benefits
  • Secret code for an additional VIP ticket per public event
  • An invitation for you and one guest to attend the annual Board of Directors dinner


A recurring donation of at least $25/month or $350/annually


A one-time gift of at least $1,500 gives you Lifetime Tritium benefits

Questions about Individual Support or Organizational Sponsorship?

Fabulous! We’d love to talk. Please email Amy Sharma using this form.

Science for Georgia is a 501(c)(3). We work to build a bridge between scientists and the public and advocate for the responsible use of science in public policy.

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