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Environmental Health & Climate Protection Conference

May 26, 2022
9am to 4pm, Reception 4pm
Our fabulous sponsors have enabled this conference to be free of charge.

Robert F. Hatcher, Sr Conference Center
100 University Parkway, Macon, Georgia 31206

and Zoom

Join us for Georgia’s first Environmental Health and Climate Protection Conference that brings together community leaders, concerned citizens, elected officials, and industry experts to hear from environmental and healthcare educators and research.

Attendees to this one-day conference receive solutions-oriented information on the dimensions of climate change that impact Georgia residents. The event will be hosted live by Dogwood Alliance and Science for Georgia in Macon, GA, while being broadcast to our many online communities.

Schedule of Speakers


DR. MARILYN BROWN: “Solar Strategies for Climate Protection”

GARRY HARRIS: “Building a Weather Ready Nation for All”

DR. LESLIE RUBIN: “Health Impacts of Climate Change”

RACHEL USHER: “What Does a Changing Climate Mean for Georgia’s Ecosystems?”


DR. GREG BROCK: “Biomass and Deforestation in Georgia –  An Economics Perspective of the Costs and Benefits” 

DR. TREVA GEAR: “A Rural Community’s Fight Against the  Wood Pellet Industry in Real-Time” 

DR. VICTORIA MEREDITH: “Deforestation and Health in South Georgia” 

DR. SAM DAVIS: “How the Forest Products Industry is  Impacting Ecological Function in the US South” 


“Science and Solutions for a Warming World” 

DR. KIM COBB – Director, Global Change Program, Georgia Power Chair & Professor, ADVANCE Professor Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Georgia Inst. of Technology 


ALICIA HOLLOWAY: “Soil Science, Sustainability, and Making it Happen on the Farm Level” 

MICHAEL WALL: “Georgia Agriculture, Racial Justice, and Climate Change” 

DR. STEPHANIE ADAMS: “Health impacts on rural populations related to food insecurity and farming.” 

DR. JENN THOMPSON: “Understanding Farmers’ Mindsets to Support Climate Smart Agriculture” 


DR. SUE EBANKS: “Using a Diverse Set of Solutions to Address the Complex Challenge of Microplastics in the Environments of Coastal Georgia”

DR. NA’TAKI OSBORNE JELKS: “Impact of Water Quality on Health and the Environment” 

BROOKE LAPPE: “Impacts of Air Quality on Georgians’ Health”

Robert F. Hatcher, Sr. Conference Center, Middle Georgia State University

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