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April was astounding

After the hustle and bustle of March – we took some time to rest and reflect in April. But Science for Georgia still maintained April awesomeness.

We had Science Trivia Night at Monday Night Garage. Lots of things were learned. Lots of fun was had. The winners received VIP tickets to our next Atlanta Science Tavern.

We had a great time at Monday Night Garage

On Apr 23 we had a booth at the Center for Black Women’s Wellness Earth Day Event. We talked to many people about Science for Georgia and about using science to impact their lives!

Thanks to CBWW for making it a great Earth Day

Together with Environment Georgia and Georgia Clinicians for Climate Action we wrote an open letter detailing the environment and health consequences of Chemical “Plastic Recycling.” This practice is a triple whammy of CO2 Bad News uses more energy, releases toxins, and makes gas to burn.

In the science policy realm, we took stock of what happened in the Georgia General Assembly. Science for Georgia provided testimony about the underlying science for several bills. And for evidence-based literacy – and there is a Literacy Study Committee occurring this summer and fall.

In 2023 we will continue to focus on: education and workforce and environmental health – specifically the food cycle from source, to access, to utilization; water issues; and land use. Read all about our ideas here.

Our Environmental Health will kick off with a Environmental Health and Climate Protection Conference on May 26 and hopefully lead to a roundtable in the late summer to galvanize ideas.

Please fill out this quick survey to provide your feedback on issues important to you!

If you do one thing in May – give all the moms in your life a big hug. It’s been a rough few years.

If you do two things in May – attend our Environmental Health and Climate Protection Conference on May 26. A whole day of pragmatic science that can be used to drive real change in Georgia. It’s like giving Mother Earth a hug!

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