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"They should really do something about this!" - said everyone at some point in their lives. But who is they? Where are they?

The truth is there is no they. There is only you and me. We're glad you are here to learn how to advocate and about topics that are of interest to the Science for Georgia community. We welcome your support!

Beach Stewardship

The beach is fun to visit. But year-round the ecosystem supports Georgian's livelihood and wildlife's vitality.

Food Security

13% of Georgians are food insecure. This effects their health and well-being - trapping them in a cycle of poverty.


Food waste is the largest personal contributor to green house gasses. Composting is a simple solution.

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Coming Soon! Legislative Scorecard

Science for Georgia has developed a rubric to score legislation on use of science. Download our analysis of recent legislative sessions. Use the rubric to score legislation on your own.

Coming Soon! State of Georgia Science.

Check back for an interactive map on Georgia demographics and legislative activities.

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Check our our How-To library to learn effective ways to write your legislator, motive people to act, and much more.

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