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Scientists Must Engage the Community

The world is full of difficult problems that have been or can be solved using science. Right now, these solutions go unheard or worse: ignored. The long-growing trend of miscommunication and distrust between scientists and the public means that scientists need to reframe how they participate in public dialogue. Science for Georgia is working to…

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Science for Georgia: Connecting All People with Science to Build Trust

Earning the Trust of Georgia. There is a fundamental disconnect between the scientific community and the public it serves. At Science for Georgia, our goal is to fix this disconnect using three different approaches: (1) to improve communication between scientists and the public, (2) increase public engagement with science, and (3) advocate for the responsible…

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March for Science Atlanta, 2019

Georgia scientists and supporters took to the streets to march for science on April 22nd, 2017. It was an unforgettable display of advocacy that brought in over 4,000 people. Organizers however knew the problematic culture of labeling science and facts “fake news” wouldn’t go away so they made plans to grow as an institution in…

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Scientifically Speaking: Hypothesis & Theory

Common understanding For many of us, theory and hypothesis mean the same thing: a “guess” at how or why something is the way it is. Once it is confirmed, it stops becoming a “theory / hypothesis”, and becomes “fact”. For example, in a murder mystery, the theory / hypothesis would be “the butler did it”…

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