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E. Coli Fast facts

by Julia Singer What is E. coli and why do we test for it?   Escherichia coli (E. coli) are a...

Dispelling Myths around Puberty Blockers

Gender Affirming Care for gender dysmorphia has recently been in the spotlight due to multiple proposed laws and multiple lawsuits....

2023-24 Legislation Rubrics

Data Centers: Big Power / Small Jobs

Data centers are large, climate controlled, facilitiesfor managing, processing, and storing data. Data centers host servers, databases, cloud services, websites,...

Crypto: A Beginners Guide

by Caitlin Williams Cryptocurrencies, or “Crypto” are a form of digital currency that exists outside of any government’s authority. Crypto...

Ask a Scientist

Have a science question? We have science answers. Please send us an email and we'll get back to you. Thank you for your curiosity.
Ask Science

Science for Georgia is a 501(c)(3). We work to build a bridge between scientists and the public and advocate for the responsible use of science in public policy.

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