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Our Search Bar & Trustworthy Sources

As you can see front and center of our “Learn” page, we have a search bar to help connect you with trustworthy science. If you are looking for sources for an article or scientific backup for a friendly debate or are just hoping for answers to the questions that haunt you, this is the place to look. Our customized search only shows you results from trustworthy scientific databases.

In the spirit of transparency, here is a list of some of the websites / databases that we trust, and a bit of information on why we trust them.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is a U.S.-based government agency concerning human activities in space. Despite having its origins in the famous “Space Race” of the Cold War, NASA has developed broad activities in the scientific study of our atmosphere and beyond.
World Health Organization
The World Health Organization is an agency of the United Nations with the egalitarian mission of achieving the “highest possible level of health” of “all peoples”. With roots dating back to the International Sanitary Conferences in 1851 and onward, the WHO has been played a prominent role in the eradication of smallpox and the near-eradication of polio. The online resources of the WHO include useful and current information on all forms of health. 
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is a United States public health agency with headquarters right here in Atlanta, Georgia. This agency was founded with a focus on Malaria, which at the time was endemic to the Southern US. Since this time, the CDC has become a center for research into more general aspects of environmental and occupational health beyond infectious diseases. 
Break the Cycle of Health Disparities
Break the Cycle of Health Disparities is a nonprofit centered in Atlanta Georgia with the mission of addressing unequal access to health care and healthy living. We at Science for Georgia are proud to have BCHD as a partner organization.
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is a US based federal agency focused on scientific monitoring and maintenance of ocean, coastal, and climate based environmental resources. Within NOAA are the National Centers of Environmental Information, including a comprehensive online resource for atmospheric, oceanic and geophysical data. 
The National Institutes of Health is a US-based federal agency tasked with investigation into biology, medicine and public health. With roots dating back to the late 19th century, the NIH has grown to become one of the largest sources of biomedical research in the world. 
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