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Sponsor Sci.Tober Fest 2023!

We are super excited that you are interested in sponsoring Sci.Tober Fest 2023. Please find more information about our sponsorship tiers.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Please contact Amy Sharma (amy DOT sharma AT

$10,000 – Force Multiplier

– Individual thank you, feature, and reel on Social Media – before and after event.
– 15 tickets included
– huge logo listing
– all ‘Change Agent’ benefits

$5,000 – Change Agent

– Individual thank you and feature on Social Media
– 10 tickets included
– large logo listing
– all ‘Supporter’ benefits

$1000 – Supporter

group thank you on Social Media
– 5 tickets included
– medium logo listing
– full table
– all ‘Partner and Friend’ benefits

Partners & Friends

$500 – for profit companies
$100 – non profits >$500K
$50 – non profits <$500K

– 2 tickets
– ½ table for display
– Logo listed as a ‘friend’ on all media

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