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May was mythical

 A lot happens in May – and here at Science for Georgia we decided to pile on to an already hectic month by hosting a lot of things and kicking off the Scavenger Hunt to the Sea!

Back by popular demand our 2022 Scavenger Hunt features 11 stops, virtual and in-person adventures, and prizes for all that complete the virtual stops. Check it out!

And while we were getting that ready, we also had an amazing Science Tales & Trails about Controlled Burns in the Working Forest. Unfortunately, you can’t just set fire to things willy-nilly – it’s called “Controlled Burns” and thus – while Dr JT Pynne gave us a great tour of the working forest at the Georgia Wildlife Federation, nothing was on fire.

He promised to invite us back when conditions were more favorable.

JT Pynne, talking a good game, but not starting any fires.

And because May 26th was the last day of school for a lot of people – it was a great time to both launch the Scavenger Hunt to the Sea and to host the Environmental Health and Climate Change Conference.

Together with Dogwood Alliance, we hosted a full day conference in Macon around four topics – climate change, forestry & biomass, soil & farming, and air & water. It was inspiring to see 60+ people in-person, and about 60 more online, from people of diverse fields of study and from diverse backgrounds, come together to discuss issues impacting all Georgians.

Rep Darlene Taylor and Rep Debbie Bucker were honored for their tireless advocacy in protecting the Okefenokee Swamp. In the coming months we will be hosting a roundtable to carry the momentum forward around proactive solutions suggested.

Rep Darlene Taylor, Rep Debbie Buckner, and Rena Ann Peck.

We even made the local news. And the Thomasville Times-Enterprise.

And because we hadn’t done enough already – Dr Jennifer Barkin gave an amazing Science Tavern talk on the Effects of Extreme Weather Events on Perinatal and Child Mental Health.  We impressed her with our attentive and interested audience, so thank you for being the best!

And while that was going on – we were also hard at work prepping for the Literacy Study Committee that will meet later this summer.

It’s summer but we are excited to get to work.

We hope you’ll join us on the Scavenger Hunt!

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