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It’s 2024! YAY

Happy New Year!

I am super-excited to ring in 2024 and look forward to all the amazing things we have planned this year.

If you are ready to get started – we have three upcoming events you can participate in.

  1. Jan 25 – Learn about Advocacy at our first Georgia Science Junction of the year.
  2. Sign up to be a Jazz Hands Comedian!
  3. Submit to be a speaker at our third annual Environmental Justice and Climate Protection Conference.

And, look at all these things coming soon…

Thank you for being a part of something great in 2023. Thank you for contributing to our year-end campaign and that you for reading all those emails.

See you all in 2024 doing something to make Science Matter Here!

Frankie, Patrick, and Michael can’t wait to do amazing things with you all this year!
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