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women in science

Marching like a fool into April

Another March, another headache. Please forgive us if we never participate in March ever again. Really, we are dead-tired. It...

AST: Are My Clothes Killing Me? 

Atlanta Science Tavern, May 20th, 2023 We have all been guilty, at one point or another, of updating our wardrobe...

Lunch Time Table Talk – A Celebration of DEI and Science

Feb 17, 2022 – 1pm – 2pm Zoom Join WIB-Atlanta as we congratulate our 2022 DEI Grant Award Winner, Science...

ST&T:Alcohol Misuse & Lungs: When Superheroes Lose Their Superpowers

Oct 9th, 2021In personRose Circle Park, Atlanta, Ga 30310 “How much alcohol is ‘safe’ to drink?” “Alcohol affects the lungs??? How?” In this Science...

AST: Think like a scientist

Oct 23th, 2021In personAtlanta Brewing Company, 2323 Defoor Hills Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30318 Think like a scientist. But first,...

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