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February was Fantastic

OMG! A lot happened in February.

Science for Georgia provided commentary to the Georgia General Assembly on four bills. One bill that follows the science –  HR 650 that would establish a study committee on Literacy Instruction. A direct result of our Education and Workforce Speaker Series and Roundtable. And three bills that are not following the science – HB 1150 which would enable large Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations, HB 748 which would roll back protections on wetlands, and HB 1175 that would allow the selling of unpasteurized milk. These bills will adversely affect our health and our environment. Also – spoiler alert – Pasteur was right.

Huge props to our staff, interns, and volunteers for getting science information together and making a positive impact!

BUT we aren’t done yet. March is off the rails busy. Five events! FIVE!

March Events

Mar 2 – 7pm – in-person – Atlanta Science Tavern – Making a Positive Climate Impact with Hazel. Tickets get you a free Beer and one month of Hazel.

Mar 14 – noon – virtual – #SpeakUpForScience – learn how the government works and how you can make it work for you.

Mar 19 – Ice Cream Science – SOLD OUT!

Mar 23 – 730pm – in person – Jazz Hands Zoo Edition: Science Stand-Up Comedy. Come watch some scientists try their hand at stand up.

Mar 26 – Check out our booth at the Atlanta Science Festival!

We need your help. Please let us know if you can volunteer at any of our fun events this month. All volunteers get a snazzy Sci4Ga Hat!

These are important Georgia General Assembly dates:

Mar 15 – Crossover day – if a bill doesn’t pass out of one chamber and into the other by this date – it’s basically dead.

Apr 4 – Sine Die – the last day of the 2021-2022 Georgia session – if a bill doesn’t pass both chambers – it’s dead.

Write your legislator about these bills in particular:

HR 650 – Literacy Study Committee

HB 1289 – Protect the Okefenokee Swamp from Mining

HB 1150 – Bad Neighbor Bill

Wanna get more involved?

Stay up to date and join our Catalyzer Network.

Sign up for GWC Water Conservation Day at the Capitol. Work with an experienced organization to talk to your legislator about important conservation issues. More details coming soon.
Training is Mar 10 online, and then you can pick one of three days to go to the Capitol: Mar 14, Mar 31 or Apr 2.

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