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EJCP 23 Resource Page

The 2023 Environmental Justice and Climate Protection Conference is a working conference. Please find below resources and tools that people have shared.

Resource List


ATSDR is offering free lead soil testing at the conference. Many people don’t know that lead can be found in garden soil or in outdoor spaces where children play. If you would like to test your local soil – please click here for instructions on how to collect your sample to bring to the conference.

EPA – Climate Change and Children’s Health 2023 Report

Climate change disproportionately effects the health and well-being of children. Read this comprehensive study from the EPA.

En-ROADS Climate Simulator

En-ROADS is a freely-available online simulator that provides policymakers, educators, businesses, the media, and the public with the ability to test and explore cross-sector climate solutions. Learn More Here and Directly Access the Simulator Here.

Multisolving Institute has helpful information on community projects and engagement, including a flower tool to help assess benefits in several areas of a project.

Slides from Conference

Check out the Conference Program

Climate Change and Child Health Becca Philipsborn
The Intersection of Environmental Justice & Climate ProtectionTreva Gear
CHARTER (Center for Children’s Health Assessment, Research Translation, and Combating Environmental Racism)Grace Ahn
EPA: Environmental Justice Funding & Technical AssistanceTami Thomas-Burton
ATSDR (Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry)Sue Casteel
HERCULESMelanie Pearson
Environmental Justice MappingAmy Sharma
Dogwood Alliance: Update on Wood Pellet FightTreva Gear
Center for Black Women’s Wellness: Env Wellness ProjectMorgan Barnes, April Reid
Greenlink Analytics: Decatur: Community-Driven Clean EnergyKavin Manickaraj
Georgia WANDAndrea Young Jones
Coalition Building – The Great Turning
Workshop Worksheets
Beth Remmes

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