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food security

Urban Agriculture

Recultivating the concrete Jennifer McFaline-Figueroa, PhD Low-income urban communities lack access to healthy food and greenspace, adding to a...

How to bring a positive approach to conversations about food

By Ariel Armstrong Food insecurity is an issue for millions of Americans. Food, and what we eat, are wrapped in...

Ga Dept. of Agriculture

Science for Georgia has been working with several folks including, Senator Harold Jones (D-Augusta) and Kwabena Nkromo. On Jan 18th...

Food Security Community Capacity Building

Right now, food security assistance is a patchwork that extends between the Departments of Agriculture, Human Services, Family Care and...

Food Insecurity Presentation before Georgia General Assembly Study Committee

On Oct 6, 2021 Science for Georgia presented information to the Georgia Senate Study Committee on Improving Access to Health...

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