With a non-partisan approach, we focus on improving communication between scientists and the public to create a connected, vibrant, and sustainable science community working together for the good of all of Georgia.

We need you to bring your passion and expertise to this effort. Scroll below to begin your own journey to network engagement. 

Ways to Get Involved

1. Learn About Science

Check our our Knowledge Base for science information, best practices, and analysis and opinions.

5. Advocate for Science Solutions


Learn about important issues and proactive ways to engage and advocate. 

2. Attend Programs & Events

Check out Science for Georgia's and our partner's events. Learn about our recurring programs.

6. Improve Your Communication Skills

Take our classes and learn to make your science relevant, concise and actionable.

3. Share On Social

Follow us on social media @sci4ga to like, share, and spread the good word.

7. Communicate Your Science


Share your passion by contributing to our Knowledge Base.

4. Contribute time and talent

Play a greater role in advancing our cause via volunteering. All are welcome.

8. Become an On-Call SME

Volunteer to explain and share your science in-depth to the press, policymakers, and the public.

Stay Connected

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