Science for Georgia has joined Science Debate and the National Science Policy Network to develop nonpartisan questions for Georgia candidates related to science, technology and health policy priorities.

This effort is part of a nationwide program to get the questions of Science and Technology constituents questions heard and acknowledged by candidates for office.

During September, Science for Georgia solicited question ideas from the public. We have sent them to every Georgia candidate for US House, US Senate, GA House, and GA Senate.

Check back here in October to see the responses.

Coalition members will not be commenting on responses or candidates. All answers will be published in the form received. We will not edit or alter them in any way. We play a neutral, non-partisan role in elevating the importance of science policy issues in election campaigns and in legislative action. All members of the collation are 501(c)(3) organizations.

Georgia Specific Science Questions

  1. How do you plan to address health inequities in Georgia that have led to a nearly doubled mortality rate of Black, Latinx, Indigenous, and People of Color? 
  2. COVID-19 has devastated the national economy; what is your plan to get Georgians safely back to work and stimulate the economy? 
  3. How do you plan to address the issues of mistrust and animosity between the community and law enforcement? How would you reach out to involve the community, law-enforcement, and evidence-based information to build safer and stronger communities here in Georgia? 
  4. Georgia has the highest maternal mortality in the US. What action should be taken to reduce the deaths of pregnant mothers? 
  5. Do you believe GA must act to address toxic substances like polyfluoroalkyl (PFAS) in the drinking water? If so, what should be done? 
  6. What policies, if any, should be put in place to protect GA residents living on the coastline from increased flooding and harsher storms? 
  7. What, if any, new action should the government take to stimulate research, innovation, diversity, and job creation in science, technology, and engineering in Georgia? 
  8. Other that COVID-19, what are your top 3 science priorities for the 2021 legislative session? 
  9. How do you propose to protect our farmers whose businesses/livelihoods are at risk due to unpredictable weather? 
  10. How would you address urban sprawl and its impact on agriculture, health, quality of life and wildlife? 

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