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Sheets, Handouts & Guides – An Index

Fact Sheets, Action Sheets, Handouts, and Guides are often attached to our articles as an extra resource to help further your understanding of a topic. Generally, fact sheets offer a few quick facts to introduce you to the basics of a topic. Action sheets, as their name suggests, focus on what you can do to act on an issue. Guides have a combination of the two, offering a more comprehensive look at a topic and how you can help. Handouts are a less flashy, more administrative look at an issue, and they are a great option to send to your legislator to draw attention to an important issue.

Here is a comprehensive, regularly updated list of Science for Georgia’s sheets, handouts, and guides.

Fact Sheets

Child Poverty

Coal Ash

COVID-19 & mRNA Vaccines

COVID-19 Vaccine Development

COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects

Dekalb Construction

Food Insecurity

Food Waste & Composting

Offshore Drilling

Reading Awareness Month

Rural Hunger

Action Sheets

Beach Stewardship- Kid’s Coloring Book

Eating Healthy on a Budget

Getting the Flu Shot

Motivating People to Take Action

Things to Remember at the Beach

Reef-Safe Sunscreen

Responding to Flu Shot Hesitancy


Ballot Referendums (2020)

Coal Ash

Eating Healthy on a Budget


Grassroots Campaigning

Healthy Food Swaps



Chicken Litter

Child Literacy

Lead in Drinking Water

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