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Save the Okefenokee Social Media Outreach

Huge thank you to some high school students at the Walker School for making these images.

Huge thank you to Heather W for taking this to highschoolers around the state.

Hashtag: #stopthemine

Protect GA Alert:

potential text:

  • 🚨 Protect endangered species and help our Georgia and Florida neighbors by going to to #StopTheMine and #ProtectTheOkefenokee! 🚨 We must save one of our nations’ most beautiful wilderness from the threat of a massive mine!
  • Georgia and Florida! Endangered species need help in your own backyard! We are at risk of losing a beautiful waterway and the animals that call it home. Please contact your legislator by going to! #StopTheMine #ProtectTheOkefenokee!

Social Media Graphics

In general, squares are good for Insta and Facebook, rectangles are good for Twitter.

Below find a bunch of images. The download button will download the file to your computer.

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