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Jan 25 – GSJ: Advocating for better (beer) laws in the state of georgia

7pm, January 25th, 2024

Location: High Card Brewery, 2316 Main St, Tucker, GA 30084

We all say to ourselves every now and then, “If only they would do something about this!” When you stop and think about it – who is this mysterious they and why have they not solved all our problems yet?

We need to stop waiting for they to come fix things and get going on doing it ourselves. It’s time to pull back the curtain on the mystical law making process so we can get to work!

Currently, there is a bill working its way through the state legislator that would benefit our micro-brewery brethren. Join us as we use this bill as an example on how to advocate for change at the state level. We will cover coalition building, the lawmaking process, and how to be effectively involved.

The Georgia General Assembly is only in session from the 1st week of Jan to the 1st week of April – so the time is now. 

Speaker: Amy Sharma, Phd
Speaker: Amy Sharma, Phd

Speaker: Amy Sharma, Phd

Amy Sharma, PhD, is the Executive Director and Vice President of Science for Georgia, a non-profit dedicated to engaging scientists and the community in productive dialogue. Its mission is to improve communication among scientists and the public, increase public engagement with science, and advocate for the responsible use of science in public policy. In this role she is spearheading achieving Science for Georgia’s vision and mission.

Prior to joining Science for Georgia, she was VP of Product for Prediko, a start-up that was successfully acquired by United Technologies Corp. Dr. Sharma has worked in many aspects of the engineering field: spearheading the development of the big data vertical and managing a $1M annual Independent Research and Development (IRAD) program at GTRI, working as an Assistant Professor in Medical Physics at the University of Western Australia, working as an Assistant Program Manager for the National Science Foundation, receiving political and outreach training as a AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellow, obtaining a PhD in Biomedical Engineering at Duke University, and designing hardware logic for advanced server microprocessors at IBM.

Dr Sharma enjoys difficult challenges, jobs with overly long titles, developing big-picture strategies, communicating scientific and technical ideas to non-scientists, sewing, and smoking various foods. 

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