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AST: Product of Their Environment: Cells in Orthopaedic Repair 

Dr. Jay Patel , July 23, 2022 “We are all products of our environment… touches and changes us, making us...

What exactly is One Health?

One Health means solving problems by thinking about people, animals, and the environment. One Health is a multi-field approach to...

ST&T: Myths and Facts About Flu Vaccination

Virtual Science Tales & Trails, Oct 10, 2020Dr. Neha Pathak We know the flu vaccine saves lives, but there are...

AST: Ancient DNA, Neanderthals, and Human Health

Virtual Atlanta Science Tavern, Sept 26, 2020Dr. Joseph Lachance Why do genetic disease risks vary across the globe? Did our...

There is a lot of talk about donating plasma. What does that mean?

by Christine Doronio Your blood is made up of four main components: red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and plasma....

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