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Science for Georgia joins AAAS’s Local Science Engagement Network

By Science for Georgia | Apr 01

It’s no joke – Science for Georgia joined AAAS’s Local Science Engagement Network (LSEN) on April 1st.    The LSEN is a partnership of the American Association for the Advancement of…

Shut Georgia Down

By Science for Georgia | Mar 26

The science says that in order to prevent deaths, and to get things back to normal, short-term, extreme closures are necessary. ***note – post updated 3/31 to reflect new information…

Breaking the Cycle of Health Disparities

By Science for Georgia | Mar 16

The environment that we live in affects our health and well-being. For those that live in poverty, an unhealthy environment can contribute to being trapped in a cycle of poverty.…

Coal Ash in Georgia

By Science for Georgia | Mar 15

Coal Ash, the leftover waste from burning coal, affects Georgian’s health and well-being. Coal Ash contains arsenic, lead, mercury, and other heavy metals. When these chemicals seep into water or…

The Importance of Writing Your Representative

By Science for Georgia | Mar 11

Everyone complains that government doesn’t listen to them – but how many of us take the time to tell our representatives how we feel? Representatives have a lot of constituents…

Reflections from “That Science Girl”

By Science for Georgia | Feb 20

My sister in law has a PhD in Biology. She studied genetics. Whenever my grandfather saw her, he would ask her about plants. Cause, you know – she is a biologist. My…

Audience First Communication

By Science for Georgia | Nov 22

If a person has a good idea, but doesn’t share, does it have an effect? There is a reason that bad ideas with good marketing outsell good ideas with bad…

Science for Georgia: Connecting People with Science to Build Networks of Trust

By Science for Georgia | Nov 06

Check out our article on Conscious World

Scientists Must Engage the Community

By turnkeywp | Oct 06

The world is full of difficult problems that have been or can be solved using science. Right now, these solutions go unheard or worse: ignored. The long-growing trend of miscommunication…

Science for Georgia: Connecting All People with Science to Build Trust

By turnkeywp | Oct 06

Earning the Trust of Georgia. There is a fundamental disconnect between the scientific community and the public it serves. At Science for Georgia, our goal is to fix this disconnect…