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Sci.toberfest 2023 - Sept 28 - 6pm

We are excited to announce that Sci.toberfest 2023 will be held at Emory's Hatchery Innovation Space on Sept 28th from 600-830. 

Sci.toberfest is an annual professional networking event for science communicators, advocates, and investigators that focuses on broader impacts in Georgia. This event is for all friends of science: university students, post-grads, professionals, professional organizations, community leaders, and policy makers. 


Keynote Speaker: Dennis Liotta, PhD

Dr. Liotta's research has focused on the discovery and development of antiviral, anticancer and anti-inflammatory therapeutic agents. As a serial entrepreneur, Liotta founded or co-founded more than 10 biopharmaceutical companies. He authored more than 300 peer-reviewed publications and holds inventorship to over 100 issued patents in the U.S. alone. We are excited for him to talk about the thriving S&T innovation ecosystem in Georgia.

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