About Science for Georgia

Science for Georgia began in 2018 in the aftermath of the protests that swept the country in 2017. Founded on the premise that Science Matters Here, our mission is threefold: 

To improve communication between scientists and the public.
To increase public engagement with science.
To advocate for the responsible use of science in public policy

We accomplish this mission via communication and advocacy training, providing science information with pragmatic action items, and venues for scientists and the public to communicate. We must work with the public and open a two-way dialogue. Together we can advocate for and implement science-based solutions to society's needs.  

Our Team

We are a group of scientists who believe that Science Matters in Georgia. We believe that science is the answer to some of the biggest problems facing Georgia and our world. But to be effective, we have to be able to break down barriers and explain science to our neighbors. We have to give people opportunities to explore science in ways that engage them. And we need to expand the influence of the scientific community.

Nathaniel Boyd, PhD

Partner Outreach


Michael Czajkowski, PhD

Education Platform

Paige Greenwood

NSPN Intern

Louis Kiphen

President / BOD

Jessica Porter

Communications Director

Liam Cavanaugh

Partner & Volunteer Outreach

Priya D'Souza, MPH

Treasurer / BOD

Randy Gorod

Program & Development Director

Lew Lefton, PhD

Board of Directors

Amy Sharma, PhD

Vice President / BOD

Yohanna White

Policy & Visualization Volunteer

Anita Corbett, PhD

Board of Directors

Isabella Dobbins

Communications Intern / Volunteer

Yasmine Guedira

Communications Intern / Volunteer

Daniel McManus

Policy Intern

Brandy Wade, PhD

Secretary / BOD