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Science for Georgia Internship Program

Science for Georgia aims to build bridges between the public and the science community by providing information about the state of science policy in Georgia and about positive actions that people can take based on scientific research.

Our interns work closely with our directors to clearly define their internship goals. In 2021 they will focus around three main themes (food, water, and shelter). Going back to basics demonstrates how people, their health, the environment, and the economy are all intertwined in Georgia. Each theme will have three components that correspond to Sci4Ga's three missions:

  1. An overview of the scientific consensus around the issue and evidence-based solutions (improve communication between science and the public)
  2. An action everyone can take to incorporate science into their life (increase public engagement with science)
  3. Call to Action campaign focused via Legislative fact sheets (advocate for the responsible use of science in public policy)

Summer 2020: Our first Local Science Engagement Network intern class. Clockwise from top left: Abbie, Izy, Iqra, and Yasmine.

My internship with Science for Georgia has been a pleasure. Amy is a great mentor who helped me develop the skill set that I need for a policy career. The other interns were also crucial for my professional development. This internship had the perfect balance of being productive, challenging, rewarding, and fun. 

  • Yohanna

Interning at Science for Georgia has been my favorite internship experience I have ever had. Before this, I had forgotten why I was interested in policy. Working with Science for Georgia renewed and strengthened my passion for reducing health disparities through policy at a state level in fields I would not otherwise be able to explore in my MPH program like education and environmental policy.

  • Tanisha
Being an intern at Science for Georgia really helped pave my way into the next level of professional experience! Diving deep into past legislation, formulating an educational scorecard, investigating key demographics, developing robust policy campaigns across the state- all skills that awakened my inner science lover! I take these skills to my current position, where I continue to research the efficiency and equity of the state's programs and work on improving the quality of life for all Georgians.
  • Iqra

Over the past few months, I have realized that Science for Georgia's connections and relationships make them an invaluable resource for our Georgia state legislators and local government officials whether they are looking for a consult on a piece of legislation or trying to find out what science policy issues their constituents care about.

  • Tanisha

In none of my other internships or work experience have I had the opportunity to be involved in as important projects or have as much of an impact as I have in my time with Science for Georgia. The amazing people I've worked with and the confidence they've shown in me has been instrumental in my work. After this internship, I am positive that policy is my passion and I can now plan my way forward in terms of graduate school and a career path to allows me to make the best impact I can on the policy areas I'm passionate about.

  • Daniel

Advocacy has always been a critical component of my everyday life, but Science for Georgia gave me the tools to do it effectively. I learned how to conduct a stakeholder analysis, develop partnerships with local organizations, and track important bills relevant to my policy interests. I'm so grateful for the experience to learn and grow as a science advocate.

  • Paige

Sponsor: AAAS Local Science Engagement Network

A majority of our interns are sponsored by generous support from AAAS Local Science Engagement Network. LSEN aims to elevate the voice of science and the use of evidence in civic society and policy discussion. Science for Georgia is proud to be the Georgia LSEN Affiliate.

Summer 2020: 4 Interns
Fall 2020: 1 Intern
Spring 2021: 3 Interns


Sponsor: National Science Policy Network

We were pleased to host an NSPN SciPol Scholars-in-Residence - a program designed to provide a combination of hands-on training and experiential learning for NSPN members in the world of science policy.

Fall/Spring 2020/21: 1 Intern

voting month still image

Sponsor: Generous Donors

Generous support from donors enabled us to hire 2 interns for the 2020 election season to focus on Voting Access and Science Debate

Fall 2020: 2 Interns


All interns are trained in clear, concise, communication (via SciComm Academy Classes) that is targeted to the appropriate audience.

Each intern is expected to meet once a week with the internship director. When there is a team of interns, a weekly all-hands meeting also occurs to build camaraderie and improve idea generation.

Internships typically are typically between 200-300 hours total. We are flexible around condensed / staggered school schedules. Position can be 100% remote.

Part-time internships are around 10-15 hours per week.
Full-time internships are between 30-40 hours per week.


Excellent communication skills

Ability to obtain information via interviews and independent research

Degree (or pursing) in a science field

Political Science experience a bonus

Experience with Power BI, Jupyter notebooks, and/or other data presentation methods a bonus

Internship Areas

There are three internship areas. Each does a deep dive into one or two topics that are important to Georgia and can benefit from evidence-based solutions. Each works closely with Science for Georgia and their partners to fully understand the Georgia perspective.

Policy Analysis

Identify and reach-out to stakeholders, write a stake holder analysis, develop and/or execute an advocacy plan (including contacting organization or legislators). Produce legislative information. Examples:

Referendum Guide

Legislative Score Card

Science Communications

Research evidence-based solutions, and create content explaining the issue, calling people to action, and helping people to advocate Examples:

Beach Stewardship

Food Insecurity


Kindergarten Readiness 

Data Analysis

Find and analyze data and use it to create compelling, contextual stories around issues impacting Georgia.

Housing Costs

2020 Impact

Content created by our 2020 LSEN interns:

  • Issue Pages: 6
  • Advocacy Campaigns: 5
  • Content produced: 11 personal action cards, 3 legislative fact sheets, 3 how-to-cards, 2 legislative information packets

Interested in an Internship?

Internship openings are posted on our Opportunities Page. If none are listed, please send us an email (info @ to learn more.

Interested in sponsoring an Intern?

Interns helps us turn ideas into action. If you are interested in sponsoring an intern, please contact Randy Gorod at Randy.Gorod @ 

Science for Georgia is a 501(c)(3). We work to build a bridge between scientists and the public and advocate for the responsible use of science in public policy.

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