SciComm Academy long

There are many ways to advocate for science, but they all start with good communication.

Everyone has a voice. Maximize yours to effectively advocate for yourself, your science, and your fellow humans.

The Core Class

This 1.5 hours course will give you the skills to identify and communicate with specific audiences. You will learn how to make your message relevant, concise, and actionable to successfully advocate for your ideas with interested parties. We'll apply these skills to create a headline and structured outline that can become a presentation, blog, letter, paper, or video.

Instructor is relatable and clear. Content is useful [for] someone just venturing in Scicomm!

Amy is a great presenter. Very entertaining and helpful.

I like being able to apply groups to understand audience needs.

I wish this could be a whole day workshop.

Good workshop - I learned a lot that I can apply in the future.


Get started by identifying and empathizing with your audience.


Clean, simple, focused talking points and language.


Pull it all together in a memorable story.

Please let us know if you would like to join a science communication class or participate in creation of content.

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