An Advocacy Getting Started Guide

Do you care about democracy? Do you want to exercise your right as a constituent to advocate for issues of your concern? Do you want to help your legislators better serve the community by bringing attention to issues that are overlooked? We know you do – you are on this page! And we are here to help you understand the basics of advocacy communication, do something now, and take it to the next level by organizing your thoughts and taking action.

This website features a series of videos and instructional documents on how to advocate your issues of interest to policy-makers. The materials progress from the basics of Georgia Government and why you matter, to reaching out to legislators, and to solution implementation. Depending on the stage of your advocacy, choose your path of learning and have fun!

The Basics

You Matter!

Your elected legislators work for you! You matter in this process.

You have to be clear, concise, and relevant with your message.

Contact Your Legislator

Once you have a clear, concise, and relevant message - take action and deliver that message.

Learn More

Check our our How-To library for a complete listing of all our "how to make change" information.