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March for Science Atlanta, 2019

Communications Team | March 12, 2019

Georgia scientists and supporters took to the streets to march for science on April 22nd, 2017. It was an unforgettable display of advocacy that brought in over 4,000 people. Organizers however knew the problematic culture of labeling science and facts…..

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Science in Georgia

Communications Team | December 1, 2018

By Claire Jarvis, PhD Claire Jarvis is a science writer based in Atlanta, GA. You can follow Claire on LinkedIn and on Twitter @StAndrewsLynx If you were asked, “What cool science takes place in Georgia?” you might need time to think about…..

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Scientifically Speaking: Hypothesis & Theory

Andrew Tsai | October 28, 2018

Common understanding For many of us, theory and hypothesis mean the same thing: a “guess” at how or why something is the way it is. Once it is confirmed, it stops becoming a “theory / hypothesis”, and becomes “fact”. For…..

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Introducing: Science for Georgia

Brandy Wade | September 20, 2018

Science for Georgia was created in the wake of the March for Science movement to spread curiosity and a love of science to everyone throughout this beautiful state. We at Science for Georgia want to evolve and encourage responsible use…..

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